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Custom made furniture, counters and bar counters for hotels, restaurant & bars

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The multidisciplinary team of OVERSTONE has as objective the realization of an environment commensurate with needs and desires of people who want to feel and convey and unique and personalized atmosphere with designs that break with the traditional existing cannons.

Our work is to light the project that our customers have in mind without any limit in order to materialize the ideal environment.

Our goal is to work together with the customer, in every detail and every nuance, to offer all solutions to enjoy what really means the concept of INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: to feel unique with the introduction in a new space designed around people.
In OVERSTONE we are aware that the time for the execution and delivery of an approver project is very important to respect the correct planning of a professional execution. So from the first moment we work to accomplish deadlines and fulfil the needed date to finish the project.
Our highest artistic expression lies in the design, planning and execution of environments with a high degree of exclusivity, such as palaces, luxury properties or private houses.

From our team we study all details in order to satisfy customer’s desires, being aware that their environment is paramount form him.

Creativity and design, selection of finest materials or artisans accuracy are main factors we offer to help to our customers to fulfil their desires.
From our beginnings we have been aware of the importance for a brand of creating and consolidating a corporate image.

At OVERSTONE we have helped the main companies to design and build spaces that identify them and differentiate them from the rest of the competition.

Customized and easily recognizable designs, together with an architecture consistent with the brand's product and service, has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the sector in the development and consolidation of corporate visualization.
  • Custom furniture design

  • Sculptural carving. Arts & Crafts

  • Manufacture of the mold and / or set of molds

  • Unique piece

  • Manufacturing

  • Textured and paint finishes

  • Installation

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